Everything that is needed for steam

For 30 years Trevil has been designing and building electric boilers for steam production. Besides the standard line (power from 7.5 kW to 120 kW), we produce boilers with powers up to 150 kW. Our products are certified by ISPESL (now INAIL) as regards the respect of the PED directive.

From the design of the boiler body to the assembly of the finished generator, we watch over the entire production supply chain. If the customer already has a clear idea of how much steam he needs, at what temperature, humidity and pressure, we just make the generator that satisfies all his requirements. If the customer requests it, we work with him on the definition of the project parameters corresponding to the desired result.

Whatever the sector of activity, the process or the product for which steam is needed, we have the solution.

Collection of data, definition of needs and constraints, choice of the solution.


Detailed drawing of the generator according to the identified specifications.


Creation of the generator responding to all the project specifications.

Trevil Boilers guarantees

Safety, easy use and maintenance, a linear and compact design, energy saving, customisation and integration. These are important factors that can make a difference and have a positive influence on the entire project of which steam production is only one part.

High quality components and maximum reliability, of course. Trevil generators adopt redundant protection systems against excess pressure and excess temperature.

Solutions that reply to the customer’s specific requirements; we are able to integrate the generator with customised systems that control the operation of the generator according to physical parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity. We have created ambient temperature control systems with a platinum resistance probe and have constructed generators perfectly integrated with systems for recording temperature and pressure (on disk, paper or file) or with payment systems for steam distribution with “self service” machines.

Trevil boilers guarantee the recovery of condensate, they have economiser devices for exploiting the latent heat of condensate. Our Geyser Tron system allows the automatic control of the power used depending on the actual request for steam in the system.

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