Case studies
Talking about steam generators, experience, expertise and technology are the basis of any project. With Trevil Boilers we create tailor-made solutions to satisfy even the most demanding customers. As the ones we present below.

A company in the food sector (production of cereals, amongst which mainly rice followed by maize, barley, wheat): design of the process system for blowing cereals (diathermic oil control unit for steam production at 22 bar 1.5 MW, steam/condensate distribution lines – adjustment).


A company that carries out surface treatments for industry: process system for chemical nickel-plating (diathermic oil control unit for steam production at 10 bar – 1 MW, steam/condensate distribution lines – adjustment).


Manufacturer of equipment for wellbeing: study and production of boilers for integrating in machines that use steam for beauty treatments.


A company specialising in the solution of problems of the flue system: study and production of an innovative machine for installing sheathing for flue repair.


For a world leader in the production of upholstered lounge suites: study of the solution and supply of 60 kW boilers for the production of polyurethane foam padding with pressure control in the system.


For a company that produces laboratory equipment for the biotechnological and medical sector: supply of 7.5 kW steam generators for incorporating in the product.


For a manufacturer of metal degreasing machines: supply of generators with powers up to 150 kW for the solvent distilling circuit, designed to measure for incorporation in the final system.


For various companies that produce systems for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector: joint development and supply of steam generators to be fitted in final machines for the cooking and pasteurising of foods, with customisation and interfaces for humidity and temperature control.

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